To celebrate the launch of Stealth™ Search and Analytics, a new company brought to you by Pam Ann Marketing, we are hosting this informative webinar!


This webinar is for web design agencies, content marketing agencies, and advertising agencies who want to earn more recurring revenue, retain clients longer, and win more new business.

We will define “money-making metrics” for each type of agency, for example:

  • Metrics that can be used by web designers to justify the need for larger maintenance retainers and more billable tasks
  • Metrics that content marketing agencies can use to retain clients through proving the effectiveness of their efforts, and justify the need for more new content
  • Metrics that advertising agencies can use to prove the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, to earn additional business from existing and new clients

We will also show examples of customized data dashboards that each type of agency can use to report on these metrics on an ongoing basis for their clients.

This webinar has ended, but you can download the slides from it below.

Download Slides

Click here to download webinar slides.